How to Unbug the ECO-Warrior Mission



How to Unbug the Eco-Warrior Mission, only if Kerri is not giving you the option to talk to her!    Discover quickly how you can fix that without any fast traveling or just leaving the area in general!


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eco-warrior mission Kerri


Step 1) Head down to the base of the lighthouse.  Stand RIGHT in front of the doorway, make tiny tiny tiny moments forwards/backward/side to side.   A command to “Open Door” will appear when you are in the perfect spot, for the action to appear, it is a VERY SMALL space that allows it!

Eco-Warrior Lighthouse door that is already open (bug)


Step 2) Now, run back up to Kari after you “opened” the already opened door and the action to talk to her should now be available!   Eco-Warrior Kerri now available to talk to