Weapon Blueprints Locations

Screenshots of the map where to find various blueprints will be below, if there is a video to go along with the collecting, the video will be posted below for that corresponding weapon as well!    Item locations are broken down into a couple of categories to help save your data cap due to the image file sizes.    Images are clickable to enlarge as well!  More will be added as time goes on. 


416 (assault rifle)


5.7 USG (handgun)



553 (assault rifle)


6P41 (LMG)

805 Bren (assault rifle)

A2 (assault rifle)


AK12 (assault rifle)


AK47 (assault rifle)



AUG (assault rifle)


Bullpup PDR (SMG)


C-SFP (handgun)



F40 (handgun)


G28 (DMR)


G36C (assault rifle)

Honey Badger – BROWN (SMG variant)

Pictures coming.   Complete Episode 3 mission In Deep Waters.


HTI (sniper rifle)

KSG12 (shotgun)


L115A3 (sniper rifle)


L86A1 (LMG)



M1911 (handgun)


M4 (shotgun)


M4A1 (assault rifle)


M82 (sniper rifle)



M9 (handgun)


MG121 (LMG)


MK17 (assault rifle)


MK48 (LMG)







P227 (handgun)


P320 (handgun)


P45T (handgun)


P90 (PDW)


PX4 (handgun)


RU12SG (Shotgun)


SASG12 (shotgun)


Scorpio (SMR)


SC-20K (assault rifle)

SN-9mm (SMG)


SVD-63 (sniper rifle)



T95 (LMG)


TAC50 (sniper rifle)


Tavor (assault rifle)



USP Tactical (pistol)


VHSD2 (assault rifle)


Vector (SMG)



More will be added over time!