[Ubisoft] latest patch for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint, Title Update 3.1.0, will be deployed on January 19 at 9:00 AM UTC across all platforms.

In addition to the information listed below, please note that our Known Issues list has also been updated. Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions with us as [Ubisoft] continue to improve the game.



Please note: Whether you purchased a digital or a physical edition of the game, you will need to download the patch before playing. The size of the patch depends on your platform, region, and preferred language.

  • PC: 20 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One: 20 GB
  • PlayStation®5 system / PlayStation®4 system: 20 GB




As we head into 2021, we are thrilled to be releasing our third Live Event. Similar to our previous Live Events, Operation Amber Sky will bring new limited-time content starting on January 21 and will end on February 1.




The event will bring out nine new missions:

  • Breach missions
  • Spy missions
  • Steal missions

For all the details on Live Event 3, check our mission briefing here.



Introduction of five toxic gas areas and seven new breach locations that will offer new player approach.

  • Gas Mask Feature: While in a lethal gas zone, players will have a limited time before their filters degrade. Players will have to gather filter charges or head to a recharging station so that they can survive in the gas.

  • Breaching: Players will breach into these new buildings by placing explosive charges on the access doors. Enemy AI will be in an alert state and hold their positions to defend the building.

  • Three new AI Teammates from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege with unique behaviors:

    • Thatcher: Special Skill: Will use his EMP grenade to sabotage any active ground drone, turret, or mortar.
    • Ash: Special Skill: Will use her grenade launcher to explode explosive barrels or populated vehicles.
    • Finka: Special Skill: Will be able to heal or even revive players when their health reaches a dangerous amount, providing a health and weapon stability buff for a short period of time.



These rewards are time-limited exclusives and will be made available at Maria’s shop two weeks after the Live Event ends.

  • Figures:

    • Ash
    • Finka
    • Thatcher
  • Weapons:

    • 4-AC
    • Bailiff 410
    • G2
    • K1A
    • L85A2
    • M509A1
    • OTS-03
  • Weapon attachment:

    • Underbarrel Shotgun
      grb underbarrel2



  • Event Parameters: Gas presence toggles after the live event ends.



  • Added collapsed/extended stock positions selection to various weapons:

    • Echelon SMG
    • MPX Factory
    • MP5
    • Honey Badger
    • MP7
    • ARX200
    • Uzi
    • MK14 Factory
    • G28 Factory
  • MK14 and MK14 ASU:

    • Added barrels customization.
    • Integration of UGS (Universal Grip System).
    • Added picatinny rail on Factory Handguard.
    • Fixed issue on Muzzles selection on ASU variation: now two silencers are available (7.62 generic + 7.62 mini SOCOM).
    • Added stock selection to the Assault variation.
  • Koblin

    • Handguard retakes.
    • Modified barrel gas block to low profile.
  • Uzi

    • Added picatinny rail for under-barrel selection.
  • G28 SCT

    • Added UGS (Universal Grip System).
    • Added stocks.
  • G28

    • Added UGS (Universal Grip System).
    • Added short barrel.
  • SASG12

    • Added short barrel.
    • Added MAWL.
  • Vector “shorty”

    • Added GL M203 under-barrel to the attachment list.
    • Added AR15 stock selection.
  • UMP45 CQC

    • Added Range Finder.
  • Added Extended mag on handguns:

    • M1911
    • P227
    • P12
    • P320
    • M9
    • 5.7 USG
    • P45T
  • Fixed bolt carrier not linked to charging Handle on various receivers.

  • Added extra muzzles to Honey Badger.




  • Head Protection
    • Flat cap
  • Shoes
    • UA Micro G Pursuit Twist
  • Eyewear
    • Oakley Jawbreaker
  • Attachments
    • HDG Extended Magazine
  • Pants
    • First Spear Centurion Shorts
  • Vest
    • Safariland V1 Overt Carrier
  • LHT Variation
    • Road CM | Fusion
    • Road CM | Metrik


New Rectangular Flag Patches

  • Gear Patch:
European Flag 2 Finland Flag 2 Norway Flag 2
United Nations Flag 2 France Flag 2 Poland Flag 2
Algeria Flag 2 Germany Flag 2 Portugal Flag 2
Australia Flag 2 Hungary Flag 2 Romania Flag 2
Belgium Flag 2 Ireland Flag 2 Russia Flag 2
Bolivia Flag 2 Italy Flag 2 Spain Flag 2
Canada Flag 2 Japan Flag 2 Sweden Flag 2
China Flag 2 Mexico Flag 2 Tunisia Flag 2
Czech Republic Flag 2 Morocco Flag 2 United Kingdom Flag 2
Denmark Flag 2 New Zealand Flag 2 United States Flag 2


Live Event 1 Items – Terminator

  • Eyewear:
    • Terminator Sunglasses
    • Sarah Connor Sunglasses
  • Facial Paint:
    • Tire Track
    • T-800
  • Gear Patch:
    • T-800
  • Gloves:
    • Punk Gloves
  • Haircuts:
    • Punk Haircut
  • Head Protection:
    • Resistance Helmet
  • Pants:
    • Punk Pants
  • Tattoo:
    • Robot Arm (left)
    • Robot Arm (right)
  • Top:
    • Resistance Vest
    • Punk Jacket
  • Emblem:
    • Skynet
    • T-800
  • HVY Variation:
    • Starfield X4 Mk. II | Terminator
    • RT-5 Shepherd Mk. II | Terminator
  • LHT Variation:
    • Trail TX | Terminator


Live Event 2 Items – Resistance

  • Alternative Silencer:
    • Prism Silencer
  • Face wear:
    • 3E Eclipse Balaclava Helmet
  • Facial paint:
    • Tiger
  • Top:
    • Armored Sport-Zipped Sweater
    • Rainstorm Coat
  • Gloves:
    • Armored Soft Gloves
    • Energy Strike Gloves
  • Head Protection:
    • Rebel Ballistic Mask
  • Pants:
    • Armored Heat-Regulating Tactical Pants
    • Thigh Pads Pants
  • Shoes:
    • Classic Sneakers
  • Vest:
    • Armored Dual-Harness Vest
    • Coyote Plate Carrier
  • Unique Weapons:
    • Paladin 9 SNR | Survival


PvP Rewards Items

  • Eyewear:
    • Aviators
    • Goggles ACH
  • Facial Paint:
    • Camo Finger Paint 2
    • Camo Finger Paint 4
    • Camo Finger Paint 8
    • Camo Finger Paint 9
  • Facemask:
    • Skull Ballistic Mask
  • Gear Camo:
    • A-TACS AU-X
    • A-TACS FG-X
    • A-TACS Ghost
    • A-TACS LE
    • A-TACS LE-X
  • Gear Patch:
    • Powered by Coffee
    • Smiley
    • Space Brigade
    • Tactical Kitten
    • Tactical Viking
  • Headset:
    • TCI Liberator Headset
  • Tattoo:
    • Blackwork
    • Commando
  • Top:
    • Helikon CPU
    • Helikon Tex Grid
    • Lumberjack Shirt 1
    • Sentinel Armored Shirt
  • Weapon Camo:
    • Red Crystal
    • Scale
    • Purple Hex
    • Virus
    • Blue Tiger
    • Cells
    • Checkers
    • Dark Ops
    • Leopard
    • Magma
    • Neuromod
    • Technologic
  • Weapon:
    • SVD-63 | Patchwork
  • Attachment:
    • Hive Silencer


  • CQC:

    • SKAR-Testudo | Wolves
  • Unique Weapon:

    • 4-AC | Brown
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Figures:

    • Hibana
    • Jager
    • Mozzie
    • Thermite
    • Twitch
    • Zofia
  • Ultimate Edition Items:

    • CQC:
      • Ultralight TBE | Primal
    • Head Protection:
      • Survivor Bandana
    • Pants:
      • Survivor Pants
    • Vests:
      • A.L.I.C.E. Chest Rig
    • Unique Weapons:
      • M1911 | Promise



AI Teammates

  • Fixed an issue where AI teammates wouldn’t be affected by weather effects.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fury AI teammate model would distort when going prone.
  • Tweaked AI teammates response to player orders.
  • Improved AI teammates behaviour inside buildings.



  • Fixed an issue where enemies would refer to a female character as male.



  • Fixed an issue where an extra pouch would appear on Hill’s Vest from a distance.
  • Fixed the Sniper balaclava when equipped with Fixit face.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bodark camouflage couldn’t be applied to the Tactical Dry Top.
  • Fixed an issue where the Koblin Stock couldn’t be customized with paint.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not equip the revision Exoshield Goggles with all patterns.
  • Fixed several clipping issues on the Bodark Shirt.
  • Fixed several clipping issues on the Bodark Coat and Helikon CPU Top when equipped with tactical vests.
  • Fixed several clipping issues when equipping the Ghillie Pants with the Maritime Operations Pack.
  • Fixed an issue where the armored pack would clip with several tops.


  • Fixed an issue where the player would lose character control upon entering the driver seat of a boat.
  • Fixed an issue where the walking animation would feel unnatural in Seals Islands slopes.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not navigate behind cover slowly while crouching when using a controller.



  • Fixed an issue where the player could not talk to the director during the mission “Show Me the Way.”



  • Fixed an issue where a perk couldn’t be equipped even though it was unlocked in the skill tree.
  • Fixed an issue where the Act 3 Trophy wouldn’t unlock when all requirements are met.
  • Fixed an issue where the Adrenaline perk would not regenerate the player’s health.



  • Fixed an issue where the co-op game host could receive an Infinity-00009 error when creating a custom game lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where Echelon and Engineer items would not appear on the loadout page.



  • Fixed an issue where Baal would be motionless if the game host left the session during the intro cinematic.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to automatically reload and lose a magazine when KIA in Heroic raids.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would be KIA without warning when stepping out of bounds near the volcano at Golem Island Sector 3.



  • Fixed visibility issues for PS4 bumper bindings icons.



  • Fixed an issue where helicopters would drop empty casings when firing rockets.
  • Fixed an issue where the Blacklist helicopter would lose rocket capability when switching seats.



  • Fixed an issue where range-boosting attachments would have no effect.
  • Fixed an issue where a wrong ammo type would be displayed in Maria’s Shop when changing weapons in a bivouac beforehand.
  • Fixed an issue resetting the Echelon shock pistol ammo to 1 when booting the game.
  • Fixed an issue where the PEQ-15 laser beam would not be visible when equipped on the MK17 scout.