How To Turn ON/OFF AI Teammates & Customize Their Appearances & Weapons




Note: You can click on the images below for a bigger view!


Step 1)  Crack up the TacMap and go left 1 tab and click it to open the “Lobby” Tab.   The tab where you invite friends, see who is online from your friend’s list, etc..  

Oopen the menu and go to the 2nd left Tab (Lobby)


Step 2)   By the bottom right corner, you will see the “Teammates” beige box.   Click it to turn AI Teammates  On/Off.

Down right is the AI Teammates option to turn on/off AND customize themJust click on it to turn it on.   Says Teammates on it.




Customize AI Teammates!!!


You can customize your AI Teammates’ appearances and weapon.  This including blousing boots, changing colors of clothing, and weapon/weapon parts.


Step 1) Cursor over the name of an AI Teammate while still in the Lobby Tab.  Names are above your heads.   Option to Customize will come up with the button to press for your platform.

Cursor over a AI Teammates name for customizing options.Fury shown and Customize option enlarged



Step 2)  Modify each AI Teammate.   Customization is the same as for your character.   If you have it unlocked for your character, it’s unlocked for the AI Teammates.   Except for weapons, MK14 Termination and MGL Terminator are not available for the AI Teammates.Change the colors of clothing, use patches and anything available to you



Changing AI Teammates weapons so they act differently.  For example, Closer to enemies for shotgun, a longer distance for sniping.


Step 1)  While you are in the customize for the AI Teammate, doing the above (Customize AI Teammate), at the bottom right corner you will see the AI’s weapon.   Click on the weapon for the selection of weapons to come up.  All of the weapons that you have Blueprints for, EXCEPT for the Terminator weapons (MK14 Termination and MGL Terminator).

Change AI Teammates weapon, cursor over and click the weapon at the bottom right cornerIf you got the blueprint, you can select it


Step 2)  Modifying the gun after selecting what you want the AI to have.     Put the cursor over the weapon again in the bottom right and you will see the option “Edit in Gunsmith”.   Same gunsmith is available for your character.   Change attachments and even weapon/weapon parts colours!Modify the weapon, cursor over it and select "Edit In Gunsmith" in the options list You can paint the AI  teammates guns too.