How to Unlock the Bipod Attachment

To unlock the Bipod attachment is simple, collecting the attachment needed in Ghost Recon Breakpoint!    Check the video or the pictures below on how to with a rough idea view of the area of the crate!

Video link:

NOTE: You can click on images to enlarge them!

Step 1)  To find the Bipod for your sniper rifles, head over to Seal Islands province and look for the “Fuel Storage” location near the very top of the province, more so eastward from the very top along the border.

Zoomed out map view of Fuel Storage location in Seal Islands province
Fuel Storage location in Seal Islands and what you can collect there



Step 2) Easier to clean out the base or at least the area around the water and tanks so you can access the crate half decently.   You’ll find the crate on the “backside” of the area, on a level that is in between the main ground level, and the water level.   Near the railroad, where a tram would go up and down the big elevation difference.


What the crate for the Bipod attachment looks like, silver/white.

Crack open the crate, then jump into your character customization to use the Gunsmith to slap the Bipod onto your sniper rifle.    Enjoy a better-controlled snipe rifle in Ghost Recon Breakpoint now!