How to Blouse Boots or Not!


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In Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you can tuck in your pants into your footwear (aka blousing boots) or untuck your pants!  This does NOT affect your gear stats in any way.  Just changes your appearance!   


Step 1) Open up the “Customize” menu from the TacMap menu, 4 tabs to the right from the TacMap.


open customize menu



Step 2) Select “Gear” option in the sub-tab menu so the option to change your boots comes up.


Select Gear from the sub-tab



Step 3) Click on the boots to see the options you have for boots.


click on the boots options



Step 4) Cursor over your boots that you are wearing, the far left one on the top row with nothing below it.   Wait for the game to popup a menu, bottom option being “Blouse boots”.  Click the key for your platform for that option to tuck in or untuck your pants to your boots!


click to blouse boots pants not tucked in.


NOTE: This does NOT change any game stats, this is ONLY a cosmetic change.