Lara Croft was in Auroa!  Year 2 clues!

Update: Lara Croft Crossover Easter Egg has been released!  Find where and what rewards here.

There was a tweet by Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon team mentioning that Lara Croft was at Auroa and left something behind.    This is part of the extremely late 2yr content.   In this tweet, GR team also quoted another developer’s tweet about their announcement of Lara Croft’s 25th Anniversary and what couple games they are working with for crossovers, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is one of them and the first listed.    


You can look at the tweet yourself:  Ghost Recon Tweet about Lara Croft.


Video of the tweet and Lara Croft’s 25th Anniversary teaser announcement video including Ghost Recon crossover announcement within this video: