3 Witches Easter Egg


The 3 Witches Easter Egg was added in June of 2017, which have you exploring a section of the map that you most likely have spent very little time in, starting in the northeast corner of Libertad.   You must appease the spirits of the Three Witches by interacting 3 shrines and making a sacrifice, a special sacrifice.   There is only one person (next to the witch market), and within a certain timeframe, you can perform this sacrifice right inside of the witches’ hut!   The witch market is a real thing in Bolivia, link to real information at the bottom.




Step 1: Head over to Pa Kollu village in northern Libertad to go to the Witches Hut so the easter egg can be activated.



Witches Hut: -19.5920 / -59.5847


When you enter the hut, 3 crows will fly up and away.  If you want to find the shrines yourself, follow each crow, each one goes to a shrine and sits on top.


Step 2: Visit and interact with each of the 3 shrines.

1st Shrine Location: -19.0898 / -59.1573



2nd Shrine Location: -19.2339 / -59.6036



3rd Shrine Location: -18.5457 / -59.6103




Step 3: Return to Pa Kollu after 22:00 GT (Game time) to get a sacrifice for the witches.

Pa Kollu Market Place: -19.5980 / -59.6500


There will be heavies around the church and at the entrances to the village.   The Lieutenant will be inside the church is the guy you want to grab and take to the Witches Hut to be sacrificed.


Witches Hut: -19.5920 / -59.5847

Knock him out to perform the sacrifice and you are done.




National Geographic article on the Witches market in Bolivia: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/destinations/south-america/bolivia/la-paz-bolivia-witch-market/