Misc Equipment Locations

Screenshots of the map where to find various misc equipment will be below, if there is a video to go along with the collecting, the video will be posted below for that corresponding equipment as well!    Item locations are broken down into a couple of categories to help save your data cap due to the image file sizes.   Note, items like NVG’s are ONLY cosmetic, they do not change the night vision, they only flip up and down.   Images are clickable to enlarge as well!  More will be added as time goes on.  


5.11 RUSH24 Backpack (clothing cosmetic)

Province: Fen Bog

Location: Checkpoint Tiger Bravo


Army Jacket (clothing cosmetic)

Province: Restricted Area 01

Location: Behemoth Defense Area on East side of Lake Annie


Black Paint B (facepaint)

Province: Seal Islands

Location: Behemoth Defense Area, in the most northern lake in the province


Black Paint D (facepaint) 

Province: Smuggler Coves

Location: Behemoth Defense Area at a V border point below the “ER” in Smuggler name.


Black Paint J (facepaint)

Province: Mount Hodgson

Location: Behemoth Defense Area in Sceptre Peak


Digital Skin (weapon/gear camo)

Province: Restricted Area 01

Location: Behemoth Defense Area in Generals Valley.  Right on the ‘n’ in Generals name.


Icarus  (Emblem)

Province: Restricted Area 01

Location: Assembly Hall Omega 02 at Mirror Lake


L36P (NVG)

Province: New Striling

Location: World Seedvault



Province: Channels

Location: Step Up Startup.


Steiner Vision (NVG)

Province: Liberty

Location: Auroa Solar Power Plant