How To Upgrade Optical Camo

Nov 6, 2021.


Thanks to the TU 4.1.0 update, aka Operation Motherland.  Ghost Recon Breakpoint now has optical camo and you can upgrade it in Conquest mode (Operation Motherland).


Basically, under loadout, look at the bottom left under your sidearm.   Click the optical camo there, after you have acquired it (completing the starter region and finding it is required), then you will see what can be upgraded, durations, effect, etc.  Top left see how many camo points you have.  Hover over each thing to see the cost.   Roughly will be 30K (I haven’t counted, just told that number) needed to complete it all.      Camo points are in crates at missions spots for Conquest, as well as some other locations like Behemoths, R&D buildings, camps, etc…  You don’t need to defeat the Behemoths, you can run in, open, and run away if you want to push the farming faster.    Check locations near Bivvy’s for the least amount of travel if you want to farm faster.