Weapon Attachments Locations

Screenshots of the map where to find various weapon attachments will be below, if there is a video to go along with the collecting, the video will be posted below for that corresponding attachment as well!    Item locations are broken down into a couple of categories to help save your data cap due to the image file sizes.    Images are clickable to enlarge as well!  More will be added as time goes on.  


ASR Compensator

Province: Windy Islands

Location: Windy Islands Port – north of Shack Island Bivouac


ASR Flash Hider

Province: Lake Country

Location: Two Lakes Residences at Flock Lake.


ASR Muzzle Brake

Province: Liberty

Location: Auroa Hospital on the North end of the Reservoir Lake.


ASR Small Magazine

Province: Mount Hodgson

Location: Silent Valley Mine


ATPIALx3 (laser pointer)

Province: Smuggler Coves





Province: Seal Islands

Location: Fuel Storage




DMR Compensator

Province: Liberty

Location: Detention Center


DMR Flash Hider

Province: Channels

Location: Red Shark Outpost next to the name “Long Island” in the ocean.


DMR Muzzle Brake

Province: Infinity

Location: Outpost Green Viper next to Auroa Eco-Museum


EXPS3 (sights)

Province: Restricted Area 01

Location: Freeman Residences at Lake Elizabeth


HDG Compensator

Province: Sinking Country

Location: Radar Station North


HDG Flash Hider

Province: Seal Islands

Location: West Radar Station at Bald Ridge



LMG Compensator

Province: Fen Bog

Location: Fen Bog Testing Zone


LMG Muzzle Brake

Province: Restricted Area 01

Location: Training Center – East of Lake Elizabeth


HDG Muzzle Brake

Province: New Stirling

Location: Blue Viper Outpost


LMG Flash Hider

Province: Windy Islands

Location: Behemoth Defense Area


MAWL-DA (laser pointer)

Province: Liberty

Location: Liberty Airport


Range Finder

Province: Channels

Location: Behemoth Defense Area – East of Behemoth passage name



RU Collimator Sight

Province: Infinity

Location: Auroa Airport


RU Vertical Foregrip

Province: Sinking Country

Location: Equipment Depot


SMG Muzzle Brake

Province: Good Hope Mountain

Location: Above -‘IN’ in the name Good Hope Mountain when zoomed out.  Middle of no wheres.


SMG Small Magazine

Province: Silent Mountain

Location: Next to the drone parol on the border at the very top left.



SNR Muzzle Brake

Province: Wild Coast

Location: Outpost Blue Tiger on Lake Bulkington


STG Muzzle Brake

Province: Restricted Area 01

Location: Arrow Testing Zone


STG Small Magazine

Province: Whalers Bay

Location: ???  Compound next to Kraken Eye Lake.