Operation Amber Sky Gameplay Missions Videos

An emergency has happened on Auroa. There are reports of gas clouds appearing all across the island, and it is your mission to investigate. You will join up with Ash, Finka, and Thatcher from Rainbow Six to take on this growing threat together in an Operation dubbed: Operation Amber Sky.  Sentinel is producing a toxic “nerve” gas called Amber Ruin, and they are planning to sell it overseas.  As the gas has already spread across the island, it is up to you and Team Rainbow to put a stop to it.  To prevent the Amber Ruin from leaving the island.  You will need to use a half mask to stay safe from the gas and change or replace your filter often as they get “worn out”. 

Operation Amber Sky is also a live event that runs from Jan 21st, 2021 to Feb 1st, 2021.   When the event ends, you will be able to toggle the gas as you can with the Terminators or Outcasts (Rebels).   Missions will remain, you just won’t be able to earn the Live Event rewards.

**NOTE: A lot of the Operation Amber Sky missions can be done in any order, this is the order I’ve done them.   At this time, no one has figured out how to use Rainbow Six’s abilities, like breaching, leaving it up to yourself to blow the doors and Team Rainbow does their thing randomly/automatically.


Mission 1: Hazardous Material


Mission 2: Human Trial(s)


Mission 3: Breaking the Wheel


Mission 4: Slumbering Beast


Mission 5: Fight Fire with Fire


Mission 6: The Devil We Want


Mission 7: The Root of All Evil


Mission 8: Chasing An Apocalypse


Mission 9: Desperate Measures

Mission 10: Drastic Remedy

Did you know you can change the color of your Amber Sky mask?   Click here to discover how quick and easy it is to change the color/pattern of the mask!   Or, click here to go directly to the video!