18 May 2021

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint printed on the left center with Teammate Experience Update printed on the right center.  Nomad and AI teammates spaced around a blue X dividing the screen


Team Level: Common Team XP

While fighting to survive against ever-increasing odds, you’ve been gaining the experience necessary to boost your chances of survival. Now, your teammates will also benefit from these engagements and earn experience as well! Coming in Title Update 400, your teammates will have a Team Level, which will be measured with a common XP bar called Team XP. Gaining teammate XP is as simple as playing the game with your AI teammates active! But that’s not all: teammate XP can also be gained by playing and completing specific Teammate Missions when you perform actions that award XP such as kills, revives and sync shots.


Asset 1 XP


Accumulate enough of this XP to make your teammates more deadly in the field. Once your teammates have leveled up, you will receive a notification. This will tell you which upgrade you have unlocked, as well as a link to the dedicated menu page.

Teammate Challenges: Cosmetic Rewards and XP

But that’s not all! There will also be a new list of challenges that grant Team XP, as well as Cosmetic Rewards in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Completing these challenges will unlock some of the following rewards:


Asset 2

Teammate Upgrades:

As mentioned above, your AI teammates will receive more upgrades as they level up. There are 14 upgrades to unlock in total, with three active abilities unique to each teammate. These abilities include:

  • Piercing Shot: Vasily performs a special shot dealing massive damage to its target. Vasily uses this ability only on drones and enemy vehicles.
  • Scan: Fury detects all nearby enemies and directly communicates their position to the whole squad.
  • Combat drone: Fixit deploys a drone fighting on his side. The combat drone automatically targets the closest enemy to Fixit when in a fight.

Each AI teammate will unlock one special skill once you have reached the required level. There is no need to micromanage – your squad will use their abilities autonomously when the conditions are met. Once used, these abilities will go into a cooldown before being available to be used again. Your teammates will call out when they use their skills, so you will be able to coordinate effectively as a squad.

Teammate Improvements:

The leveling system is not the only improvement being added in the update. The Ghost Recon Devs have been working on added features in order to allow the teammates to meet some of your requests and to enhance immersion for your gameplay!

  • Manage your squad size: You can now activate or deactivate teammates individually. You can run your squad with the number of members you want.


Asset 3


  • Customize your R6 teammates: The appearance and primary weapon of Rainbow teammates can now be customized. The only non-modifiable options are their body features and their head accessories.

Asset 4


  • Hide AI Teammates’ secondary weapon: You can now hide your teammates’ secondary weapon. When the secondary weapon is hidden, it will only appear during Sync Shots, and will only appear when using this feature.

Asset 5


  • Disable AI Teammate skills: The new abilities that come with the update and the Rainbow abilities can be deactivated in the settings.
  • NVG Animations for AI Teammates: If the AI teammates have NVG equipped, they will perform the NVG equip animation when the player does. This is only visual and has no gameplay implications.


Title Update 4.0.0 comes May 25th, 2020.