Below you will find the new features, bug fixes, balancing, and improvements that are coming to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint with Title Update 2.0.0 on Tuesday, March 24.

[Ubisoft] couldn’t have done this without your continued feedback and support! [Ubisoft] look forward to hearing your thoughts, so make sure to join the discussion on the official Ghost Recon Forums and the community Reddit.



Please note: Whether you purchased a digital or a physical edition of the game, you will need to download the patch before playing. The size of the patch depends on your platform, region, and preferred language.

  • Xbox One: 30 GB
  • PlayStation®4 system: 17 GB
  • PC: 15.5 GB

The patch on Xbox One does not contain any additional content.

[Ubisoft] have updated [Ubisoft] Known Issues list as well with TU 2.0.0.




  • Introducing the brand-new Ghost Experience! Pick one of  [Ubisoft] pre-selected settings or modify parameters to create the unique experience you want. Right when you boot up the game, you will be able to choose from two preset options or build your own combination:

    • Regular Experience: Play Ghost Recon Breakpoint the way it was released, with gear level and tiered loot.
    • Immersive Experience: A brand-new experience of the game that removes gear level and tiered loot entirely, and offers new tactical options.
    • Custom Experience: Choose your own selection of settings to create a personalized fit.

    You’ll be able to choose from a variety of community-requested settings, such as stamina management, health regen, new HUD settings, and more!

    For additional information on the Ghost Experience, check out [Ubisoft] dedicated article here.



  • Two new classes are added in TU 2.0.0:

    Players with the Year 1 Pass will have exclusive access to both classes starting on March 24 for one week.



Year 1 pass content – if you don’t own the Year 1 pass you can join a friend who does own it in co-op to complete the entire adventure. However, only Year 1 pass owners will receive the exclusive adventure rewards.

  • New missions, cinematics, and dialogue. Expand the original story with the new Adventure: Deep State!
  • New iconic locations.
  • New gameplay mechanics and elements.
  • New Faction missions.
  • And more!



  • Most assault rifles will now be able to equip short barrel options (some ASR models have been omitted as their real-life counterparts do not have short barrel options).
  • TA31H added to 27 weapons with emphasis on assault rifles.
  • New suppressor customization:
    • New muzzle option added in the muzzle list.
    • Players can manually apply 3D visuals to it.
    • Paint options are locked for those options.



Players who cannot maintain a sustained connection to matchmaking services will now still be able to play solo PvE without being disconnected.

These players will still have all of the functionality of the game except access to multiplayer modes. While in this mode, your Friends List will appear empty.

The game will regularly re-test this connection in the background without impacting your play. You will be able to manually trigger a re-test of the connection by initiating matchmaking in multiplayer modes.



  • Added a Mass Dismantle option which dismantles all non-equipped and non-favorite weapons, sidearms, or gear in the currently open selection screen.
  • Added a Mass Sell option to sell all non-favorite and non-equipped gear and weapons while in the shop. (Sell all button added to the shop).
  • Added a Favorite option to individually select weapons and gear pieces so they cannot be dismantled or sold. (An indicator has been added to the weapon / gear tooltip to show this action).
  • Players can now equip items directly when picking them up (without going into the menu).
  • Added Optimize gear: equip all highest-level gear automatically.
    • Does not apply to weapons.
    • Button will be grayed out if the optimized gear is already equipped.
  • Players can now unequip weapons and gear equipped on other presets.
    • Warning message will still be visible to players as a caution.
    • The unequipped item will be replaced by the item occupying the same slot on the equipped preset.
  • Players can now sort their weapons / gear chronologically or by Name, Type, Gear Level, and Quality.

*Only in Regular Experience / Gear Level Enabled. Does not apply to the Immersive Experience / Gear Level Disabled.



  • Two New Classes adaptation for Ghost War:
    • Engineer Class: The supply drone gives recoil reduction instead of a boost in Ghost War.
    • Echelon Class: The Shock pistol has the added function of draining stamina in Ghost War.
  • Four New Maps:
    • Construction Site
    • Forgotten Valley
    • Freight Yard
    • Stoney Creek
  • New Ghost War missions and milestones
  • Map Voting: In standard play, players are now able to vote for their preferred map and game mode.


  • Weapon attachments: 3
    • Alternative Suppressor: Kilm Silencer
    • Alternative Suppressor: Ripples Silencer
    • Scope: Futuristic Closed Sight
  • Figures: 3
    • Hill
    • Nomad
    • Walker
  • Customization: 2
    • Facial Paint: Shark
    • NVG: 3E Black Arrow
  • Vehicle: Added the RT-5 Shepard | Standard for Skell credits. Now you can get the same bullet-blasting truck-mounted turret action straight from Maria herself! The Terminator truck remains a live event exclusive reward.
  • Weapons: 12
    • New weapons: 5
      • AR-18
      • ARX200
      • MK 23
      • SC-40K
      • UZI 9mm
    • Weapons variations: 6
      • 516 Shorty
      • 553 Scout
      • G28 Scout
      • M4A1 Assault
      • Scorpio Scout
      • Vector Shorty
    • Unique weapons: 1
      • Maxim 9 | Echelon
  • Figures: 2
    • Sam Fisher
    • Victor Coste
  • Customization: 2
    • Fourth Echelon Goggles (Mission 1 Reward)
    • Fourth Echelon Top
  • Gear: 4
    • Fourth Echelon Pants
    • Fourth Echelon Boots
    • Fourth Echelon Gloves
    • Fourth Echelon Full mask
  • Titles: 3
  • Vehicle: 1
    • Blacklist Helicopter | Standard
  • New weapons: 1
    • SC-IS HDG (Mission 1 Reward)

*The first mission of Deep State is free and available to all players. Play to receive two rewards without purchase of the Year 1 pass or Adventure: Fourth Echelon Goggles and SC-IS HDG.

  • Engineer Set: 5
    • Architect Mask | Engineer
    • Architect Top | Engineer
    • Architect Vest | Engineer
    • Architect Gloves | Engineer
    • Architect Pants | Engineer
  • Echelon Set: 5
    • Silencer Mask | Echelon
    • Silencer Top | Echelon
    • Silencer Vest | Echelon
    • Silencer Gloves | Echelon
    • Silencer Pants | Echelon
  • Engineer
    • Camo: 1
      • Weapon Paint: MC Arid
    • Emblems: 2
      • Engineer
      • Elite Engineer
    • Melee Weapon: 1
      • Mark II
    • Titles: 2
      • Senior Engineer
      • Master Engineer
    • Weapon: 1
      • MGL
  • Echelon
    • Camo: 1
      • Weapon Paint: Grey Python
    • Customization: 1
      • Echelon Gear Patch
    • Emblems: 2
      • Echelon
      • Echelon Elite
    • Melee weapon: 1
      • Echelon Karambit
    • Titles: 2
      • Senior Echelon
      • Echelon Elite
    • Weapon: 1
      • Maxim 9
  • Weapon attachments: 1
    • Alternative Suppressor: Hiver Silencer
  • Customization: 6
    • Weapon Paint: Blue Tiger
    • Weapon Paint: Cells
    • Weapon Paint: Checkers
    • Weapon Paint: Dark Ops
    • Weapon Paint: Neuromod
    • Weapon Paint: Technologic
  • Titles: 3
    • BlackOps
    • GhostHunter
    • 301st Spartan
  • Emblem: 1
    • Ares
  • Bun
  • Curly Crew Cut
  • Shaggy
  • Side Part
  • Undercut
  • Light Stubble Beard
  • Medium Stubble Beard
  • Third Echelon Bundle*
    • Figures: 2
      • Briggs
      • Prime Sam Fisher
    • Customization: 3
      • Third Echelon Sonar Goggles
      • Third Echelon Multi-Vision Googles
      • Third Echelon Top
    • Gear: 4
      • Third Echelon Vest
      • Third Echelon Boots
      • Third Echelon Pants
      • Third Echelon Gloves
  • Paladin Nine Bundle*
    • Gear: 4
      • Paladin Nine Boots
      • Paladin Nine Pants
      • Paladin Nine Gloves
      • Paladin Nine Mask
    • Customization: 1
      • Paladin Nine Top (Vest will not appear with this top equipped)
    • Melee weapon: 1
      • Needle Point Fighter
  • RT-5 Shepard Mk. II Bundle*
    • Vehicle: 4
      • RT—5 Shepard Mk. II | Desert
      • RT—5 Shepard Mk. II | Hill
      • RT—5 Shepard Mk. II | Jungle
      • RT—5 Shepard Mk. II | Snow
  • Figure: 1
    • Grímsdóttir
  • Unique Weapon Skins: 2
    • MK 23 | Echelon
    • SC-40K | Brown

*Items can also be purchased individually.



  • Updated HUD to make it easier to know which mission you are on.
  • Players can switch between Episodes by focusing the investigation zone, then:
    • Using LT/RT on Xbox One, L2/R2 on PS4™ system, and arrow keys on PC.
    • Clicking directly on tabs.
    • A new indicator is displayed on tabs for easier navigation.
  • Enemy NPCs will now drop ammo boxes and item loot packages with visual feedback.
  • Added a more visible light shader on interactive objects (crates, ammo boxes, collectibles, item loots).
  • Increased low-quality weapon parts gained from dismantling weapons.
  • Increased weapon parts gained from drones while playing on Immersive Experience.



  • Added a toggle to Enable / Disable ScreenShake effect.
  • Added a new Camera distance setting in the menus for players to choose:
    • Dynamic: Camera dynamically shifts between close during combat and far out of combat. This is how the camera currently works in the game.
    • Close: Camera stays close to the player character.
    • Far: Camera stays far from the player character.




  • Hill and Walker figures are added to Maria’s shop for free.
  • (PC) Fixed a rare issue where the game would crash on AMD and Nvidia graphic cards if players are located in specific regions.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue that didn’t allow the game to be launched via Uplay for some players.
  • (Exploit) Fixed an issue on the Sharpshooter ability after exiting the bivouac.
  • (Exploit) Fixed an issue on the Sacrifice Perk in Ghost War.
  • (Exploit) Fixed an issue with auto-aim in Ghost War.
  • Updated systems in-game which create a more permissive BASE jump experience.
  • Fixed an issue with the completion of “Top Dog” Ghost War mission.
  • Removed Damage Bonus perk when injured on Gibson M9 while in Ghost War.
  • Fixed several issues where descriptions were cut off in menus.
  • Improved and increased the helicopter’s speed perception.
  • Fixed clipping issues on the Ocelot Chest Rig and Self Fastening Ankle Boots items.
  • Fixed an issue where the belt’s color would change depending on the color of the shirt worn by character.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles spawned randomly.



The following issues have been addressed by the team as per player reports. Please let us know if you still see them occur in the game, either the same or in a new form.

  • Fixed an issue with the Silver Stake.
  • Fixed an issue on the Sharpshooter ability after exiting the bivouac.
  • Fixed an issue on the Gargoyle raid boss that made it spawn inactive.
  • Fixed an issue on the Sacrifice Perk in Ghost War.
  • Fixed an issue with auto-aim in Ghost War.
  • Fixed an issue on the Cerberus raid boss that made it inactive.
  • Fixed an issue on the Baal raid boss that broke the fight mechanics.
  • Fixed an issue on the Sharp Thunder weapon.



  • Created new platforms to BASE jump from in key areas.
  • Updated systems in-game which create a more permissive BASE jump experience.
  • Reduced the auto-deploy distance to allow for more time BASE jumping before deploying the parachute.



  • Ongoing memory and framerate optimizations.
  • (PC) Fixed a rare issue where the game would crash on AMD and Nvidia graphic cards if players are located in specific regions.
  • (PC) Fixed an issue that didn’t allow the game to be launched via Uplay for some players.



The item wheel, missing night and thermal vision and binoculars have been addressed by [GR] team – please let us know if you are still missing any of these items or if the item wheel still gets stuck.

  • Fixed an issue where the item wheel would randomly get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not use night and thermal vision in PvE after a PvP session.
  • Fixed an issue where binoculars were missing.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Panther Cloak & Run ability to be used in the Raid.
  • Fixed an issue where C4 would appear on players after exiting the bivouac.



  • Reduced the damage received by players in Regular difficulty mode.
  • Rebalanced the WASP behavior:
    • WASP Drone attacks the player from a further distance and places itself further from the player when attacking.
    • WASP Drone health points reduced.
  • Rebalanced enemy archetypes:
    • Breacher: NPC will no longer get as close to the players when attacking.
    • Heavy: Reduced NPC accuracy.
  • Adjusted the riflemen’s cover behavior: NPCs take cover further from the player.
  • Decreased the Search Light’s detection time: Search Light detects the player faster now.
  • Increased the Search Light’s destruction sound radius: Search Light’s destruction is heard by NPCs in a larger radius.
  • Adjusted the generator’s deactivation state from worried to suspicious. When a generator is deactivated, enemies nearby go to suspicious state rather than worried state to prevent the entire camp from being warned.
  • Made players harder to detect by enemies while in vehicles.
  • Fixed issues with drones detecting players on bikes.
  • Improved NPC state-related issues:
    • Improved consistency of camps’ state.
    • Fixed NPC suspicious state mechanic after detecting the players’ drone.
  • Fixed and improved NPC cover animation.
  • Improved enemy NPC animation from idle to scared when stowed in vehicles.
  • Improved NPC teleport issues.
  • NPC barks improvements: Delayed reinforcement calls.
  • Fixed an issue where turrets could still detect players after being deactivated.
  • Fixed an issue where anti-aircraft missiles were not launched at players in helicopters.
  • Fixed various World’s life issues including convoys not stopping in time for trains and animal replication issues.
  • Improved AI helicopter behavior.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles spawned randomly.



  • Reduced pistol damage to prevent two-shot headshot kills:
    • HS2000: from 41 reduced to 37
    • M1911: from 38 reduced to 36
    • P227: from 38 reduced to 36
    • Stainless Extended: from 42 reduced to 37
  • Removed Damage Bonus perk when injured on Gibson M9 while in Ghost War.
  • Fixed an issue with the completion of “Top Dog” Ghost War mission.
  • Improved tooltip to give better information when a player has matchmaking penalty.
  • Fixed a rare occurrence where players got double points for marking enemies with drones.
  • Fixed an issue where the longest range for a kill stat would not update properly.
  • Fixed an issue where spamming the adrenaline shot could lead to disabled functionality for shooting and using items.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon paints appeared incorrectly as mission rewards.
  • Removed inputs for showing / removing pins from the Briefing Page in the pre-match phase.
  • Players can now toggle the team widget and the drone counter in the interface settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability gauge would still be displayed in Ghost War even though it was disabled in the settings.
  • Removed Bonus Category in the End Match screen in Custom Match.
  • Fixed rare occurrence where the attacker could plant and defuse the sabotage objective.
  • Fixed a rare occurrence where a round would get stuck and never end if multiple people would open the tac map at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where the gas from the drone would appear before the projectile hit the ground.



  • Added new respawn points more relevant for players.
  • Now players will not respawn to the closest point geographically, but to the latest location they went through before dying to avoid having players spawning in a place they have never visited before. For instance, it allows players in squad attacking a camp from different location points to respawn where they were, instead of respawning all at one location in case they get KIA.



  • Fixed the unlock conditions for the Flat Cap item.
  • Fixed several issues where descriptions were cut off in menus.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons and gear would not be displayed in the player’s info page.
  • (PS4/Xbox One) Improved Skill Tree videos latency.



  • Improved and increased the helicopter’s speed perception:
    • Added effects (both visual and audio) on helicopters when flying at high speed.
    • Added a blur effect on a circular mesh that replaced the rotor blades to simulate the gyroscopic effect.
    • Added an angle that suggests the air lift effect.
  • Improved and debugged the main character animations while on bikes.
  • Fixed an issue where reversing with bikes was inconsistent and could appear as non-functional at times.
  • Improved the bikes’ feeling and removed unnatural movements.
  • Reworked smoother animations for the physics forces applied to the character when encountering a bump on a bike.
  • Fixed weird animations on the Firespin bike.
  • Fixed an issue that randomly stopped bikes from reversing while on a rough inclined plane.
  • Fixed an issue where movement would stop when applying the brakes while reversing on a bike.
  • Fixed an issue where pneumatic boats exploded when spawned by players.
  • Fixed an issue where helicopters randomly defied the laws of physics by jumping in the air at specify settlements.



  • Hill and Walker figures are back in Maria’s shop for free.
  • Fixed an issue where the Brown Fury Knife would disappear during an execution.
  • Fixed an issue where a weapon would turn invisible after exiting a bivouac in a co-op mode.
  • Fixed clipping issues on the Ocelot Chest Rig and Self-Fastening Ankle Boots items.
  • Fixed an issue where the belt’s color would change depending on the color of the shirt worn by character.
  • Fixed an issue where binoculars would not appear while using Photo Mode.



  • Fixed visual issues at Main Pumping Station.
  • Fixed an issue where textures were missing near the Hidden Coomb.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to crawl under barbed wires near Howard Airfield.