How To Upgrade Optical Camo Nov 6, 2021.   Thanks to the TU 4.1.0 update, aka Operation Motherland.  Ghost Recon Breakpoint now has optical camo and you can upgrade it in Conquest mode (Operation Motherland).   Basically, under loadout, look at the bottom left under your sidearm.   Click the opticalRead More →

How to enter Golem Island SOLO or Coop . 1st of all, Ubisoft has opened up the island to EVERYONE.  It is accessible to all players after completing the “No Way Out” mission and talking to Jericho in Erewhon.   Those 2 are required FIRST, THEN, head to the bivouac onRead More →

How to Unbug the ECO-Warrior Mission     How to Unbug the Eco-Warrior Mission, only if Kerri is not giving you the option to talk to her!    Discover quickly how you can fix that without any fast traveling or just leaving the area in general!   Video link: More →