Back in October 2019, [Ubisoft] posted an idea of what to expect Moving Forward for the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint experience. With the start of the New Year,[Ubisoft] wanted to share an update on what [they have] been working on and what you can expect as the year continues.

[Ubisoft] wants to express [their] gratitude to each one of you who has shared your opinions, concerns, and comments about the game. [Ubisoft] appreciate the feedback we’ve been hearing and continue to take it to heart. We want you as a community to enjoy a great Ghost Recon experience, and there’s no better way to create that than to listen to the opinions of players.

[Ubisoft is] excited to be working on new Ghost Recon Breakpoint content and you can expect to see community-driven changes, Title Updates, and new content in 2020.

TU 1.1.0

[Ubisoft is] glad to share that this will be releasing shortly and you can expect to see TU 1.1.0 January 28th 2019! (Date released Jan 21st)


This TU will address the following changes, among others:

  • Made improvements to Night Vision.
  • Sharpshooter exploit with DMR rifles addressed in all modes (PvP, Raid, PvE).
  • Players who previously lost their Thermal / Night Vision will get it back after loading their save.
  • Players who previously lost their Water Canteen or Binoculars will get them back after loading their save.
  • Rebalanced Stamina for PvP after it was buffed in a previous TU.
  • Toned down the coughing sounds players could hear while in Erewhon.
  • Enemies will no longer shout in pain after being shot in the head.
  • Improved AI behavior:
    • Fixed an issue where enemies investigating will go to cover mid-detection.
    • If enough NPCs die at a single spot, they will stop rushing the player and will get into cover more often than before.
    • [Ubisoft] also modified the vanish rules so that NPCs will stay in the fight if they are close enough to the player.
  • The Digital Scope now has multiple levels of zoom.

GRB NEWS Jan2020Raodmap960


In addition to the Title Update, the Terminator Live Event will be invading Ghost Recon Breakpoint soon. Be on the lookout for more intel!


You can see the roadmap above for an idea of our plans in the near future. The end of February is sure to bring some exciting changes, including the long-awaited Engineer Class, as well as the immersive experience that[Ubisoft] mentioned in the Moving Forward letter.


As[Ubisoft has] mentioned in the Community Survey Results,[Ubisoft] also plans on providing updates and changes to items requested within the survey with a focus on those that were most frequently mentioned. You can look forward to the implementation of some of these changes later this year.

Thank you again to everyone who has shared their feedback. [Ubisoft team] understand there is still work ahead of [them], but [they] look forward to these new opportunities. Happy New Year!

/The Ghost Recon Team