Online clues to Operation Motherland for Ghost Recon Breakpoint


Oct 23/21


There have been some clues about Motherland, from that there was a new operation coming in the Fall, November 2nd, 2021 date was announced during the Ghost Recon 20th anniversary disappointing stream.  On to the Motherland clues.   The video below is just the video version of this article, with this article coming after because I’ve been lazy.  Watch or skip right past it for the images found in the no commentary video. 



**Note: Images below can be clicked to enlarge.  As well, I’m not a writer, my English isn’t the greatest.  If this crappy write-up bothers you, you know I suck at this like I am warning.  Whine about it, I don’t care, you been warned.  


Started near the beginning of the year with the Ghost Recon Breakpoint 2021 Roadmap, released April 9th after the Feb social media announcement of content coming.   Oh look, a picture of Bowman sticking out.  If you forgot or don’t know, Karen Bowman was the Ghosts’ handler with the CIA in Ghost Recon Wildlands while they were in Bolivia for that story.   


Then finally July 23rd came with an Anniversary teaser info on social media, a tweet about this image.  The name is Operation Motherland and Bowman has a part with it, with the picture focused on her and the name on docs in the back.  


After a couple of months, the sad Ghost Recon 20th Anniversary live stream happened on Oct 5th.  A teaser for Operation Motherland premiered in the middle of the stream.   It is right below this ranting paragraph.  The teaser is a re-rendered version of the Wildlands opening scene with Nomad in the helicopter flying, Bowman talking. About Operation Motherland instead of the Wildlands storyline.   You get off the helicopter to meet a leader, just like Wildlands and the new leader is standing exactly the same spot and the same way as the opening scene of Wildlands. SO MUCH effort put into that! /s  Then the stream had lies to us the fans with caring and respect to have right after all that talk, an announcement for a completely NOT a Ghost Recon new game coming, Ghost Recon Frontline, a Battle Royal Style PvP (player vs player).  Basically, Mercenaries mode from Wildlands blown up for 100+ players and extra crap added to be “cool”.   At least you won’t be a “contractor” like the teaser had (click Frontline name above for that teaser trailer), they are changing that I heard.  /End of my bitching, and now, the Motherland teaser trailer. 



Oct 14th got a tweet on Twitter from the Ghost Recon account again. The tweet saying ” . For your eyes only – be ready for more info.” and this image is attached.   Bowman’s face circled?  Is she a target for someone?   First, the doc lists a couple of operations. One being Operation Kingslayer which was from Ghost Recon Wildlands, that operation was Kingslayer.   The next Operation name was censored completely.  Part of the details says “After Operation Kingslayer” -censored- “was sent to” -censored-.  Where did she go?   The 3rd, Operation Mo-censored-.  In the details part for that operation, -censored until 2nd last line- “assigned to work” -censored some more- “leader of the Outca” and rest is off-screen, safe to guess Outcast after the Oct 5th teaser trailer from above.  


Oct 21st came with another tweet on Twitter from the Ghost Recon account.    Tweet says ” . Intel suggests new enemy presence on Auroa spotted by the Outcasts.” with the image below attached. You can click to enlarge if you have forgotten.   

Russian is all over the images. Skell Tech logo on the top image over the red circle. Enemies around.  And this is part of the previous clues from the same “file” as you can see Oct 14th clues on the far left and Bowmans’ picture still sticking out.


And now, we wait for maybe another clue on Social media.  Or, until the day before or Friday before the Operation Motherland release on Nov 2nd for the standard full details, and patch notes for the update.