BREAKPOINT – PATHFINDER CLASS 10 September 2020 Ubisoft Article Link:     [Ghost Recon Team] are happy to present the latest class, the Pathfinder! In addition to the new class, TU 3.0.0 will add a new world element: Tactical Caches.   TACTICAL CACHES Tactical Caches are scattered everywhere in the wild byRead More →

BREAKPOINT EPISODE 3: RED PATRIOT 9 September 2020 Ubisoft Article Link:     Your next task will surely be a challenge, Ghosts. Your mission begins on September 15, and [Ubisoft] hopes you’re prepared.   1st assignment will begin with contact from Scott Mitchell, the long-time leader, and commanding officer of theRead More →

TOM CLANCY’S GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT: DEVELOPER UPDATE March 4, 2020 Ubisoft article link:   [Ubisoft] know that many of you have been eagerly awaiting to hear more about [Ubisoft] plans for the future of the game, and [Ubisoft] team is excited to finally be able to share an update about whatRead More →