Movie IT Easter Egg   Yep, there is an Easter Egg for the Stephen King movie “IT” in Ghost Recon Breakpoint!   Discover below how to find it and what it looks like in the video or with the pictures below!   Video link:   Note: You can click onRead More →

A Beast? A Yeti Easter Egg Like Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ghost Recon Breakpoint has a Beast/Yeti Easter Egg within the campaign!   Much less complex than the Wildlands one as you get a clue that directs you to the area of the Beasts lair, which you can enter once you spotRead More →

Wu-Tang Easter Egg (REMOVED FROM GAME)   Link to video:     This Easter Egg WAS located Skell Dam, on the center “spine”.    Ubisoft has removed it from Ghost Recon Breakpoint, probably for copyright reasons due to it being a title of one Wu-Tangs albums.        Read More →