Raid Update - Hardcore & Easy modes and Solo Golem is printed


Ghosts, we’re happy to share the changes you will see coming to Golem Island with TU 3.0.3. Prepare yourselves for two exciting new modes and the ability to explore the island solo. With these new modes also come changes to the enemy level, game modifiers, and more. Each raid difficulty will also now have its own sub-section in the objectives board.


RaidUpdate v SCRN soloraid 960x540



Are you feeling adventurous, Ghosts? It’s time for you to single-handedly traverse Golem Island and explore brand-new objectives. With 15 different settlements, 50 wild mysteries, and 12 mission milestones, you’ll have the chance to take on Golem Island as you’ve never seen it before through both the regular and immersive experiences.


Gear Level Requirement: Accessible to all players after completing the No Way Out mission and talking to Jericho in Erewhon. As you complete challenges, another challenge will be available immediately. 

Enemy Level: Will adapt to that of the player in regular mode. 

New Objectives: 12 new milestone missions are available on the island. These include: Killing targets, destroying Behemoths, stealing tech parts, and destroying servers. 

Focus on Exploration: Navigation between sectors improved; More cars and boats spawned. 

Loot: Consists of regular world loot, select loot from the raid (regular) for missions, and chests.



Items listed below will be available to players through Golem Island Missions and in Golem Island Chests. All of the below loot is available in the raid (regular).


Golem Island Missions:

  • Heli Helmet
  • Wolf Mask
  • PASGT Helmet
  • Revision Bullet ANT Goggles
  • Wolf Fingerless Gloves
  • Sentinel Knee Pads
  • Walker Vest
  • TAC Tailor Operator Pack
  • MICROT1 +G33 Scope


Golem Island Chests:

  • Oakley Halo Goggles
  • 5.11 Burner Sunglasses
  • Heavy Duty Gas Mask
  • Revision ComCenter2 Headset
  • Wolf Gloves
  • S&S Plate Frame
  • Eagle Industries Chest Rig
  • Blackhawk Lightweight Knee Pads
  • MK17 Shorty
  • TAVOR Assault
  • Stoner Compact
  • M4 Shorty
  • RU12SG Assault
  • Tactical Vertical Foregrip
  • Vented Angled Foregrip



Up the stakes and challenge yourself by trying your hand at Threat: Critical. A change in enemy level and modified boss patterns are just two of the ways you will be able to increase the difficulty in Regular Mode.


Gear Level Requirement: 150 will remain the minimum gear score. 

Enemy Level: Increased from 260 in Normal to 300 in Critical. 

Hearts: Player has 4 hearts that replenish over time allowing the player to respawn or revive teammates. 

Modified Boss Patterns: More enemies in waves, shorter ability cooldowns. 

Exclusive Loot: 4 unique weapons and 5 titles are being added to the loot.



Each week, two major modifiers and one minor will be applied from a game pool to Hardcore Mode. Below is the current list of major and minor modifiers that can be applied. These weekly modifiers will appear in the raid’s Threat: Critical summary section of the objectives board.



  • When a player reloads their weapon, ammo left in the current magazine is lost.
  • The cooldown of each heart is longer, and you have 3 max hearts instead of 4.
  • No ammo drops for your current equipped weapon.
  • When injured, a player progressively loses health and can’t regenerate automatically.
  • All players can only equip one main weapon.
  • Life chunks are lost when empty, until a player heals.



  • A player can wound a teammate with their own bullets.
  • Time of day is fixed at midnight for the entire week.
  • Technique gauge recharges slower from all sources.



4 unique weapons and 5 titles are being added to the loot table. As a note, a boss can be looted once in every mode during the same week.


Unique Weapons:

  • M82 | Cerberus
  • MGL | Quantum
  • MK17 CQC | Gargoyle
  • C-SFP | BAAL



  • Heroic Dragonslayer
  • Heroic Giantslayer
  • Heroic Kingslayer
  • Heroic Mindslayer
  • Heroic Titan



If you’re looking for a more casual experience, Threat: Low Mode is a more relaxed take on the traditional raid.


A change in enemy level and modified boss patterns are just two of the ways you will be able to decrease the difficulty.


Gear Level Requirement: 150 will remain the minimum gear score. 

Enemy Level: Lowered from 260 in Normal to 250 in Low. 

Rules: Enemies visible on the map, cooldown to respawn is shorter. 

Modified Boss Patterns: Fewer enemies in waves, longer ability cooldowns for bosses, no second phase in boss fights. 

Loot: Consists of regular world loot without unique chests.