Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Developer Update – April 30, 2020


[Ubisoft] wanted to provide a short update to keep you up to speed with what [devs are] working on.

Our top priorities right now fall into three categories: bug fixing, synthesizing Ghost Experience feedback, and preparing new content. [Ubisoft will] continue to do [their] best to keep things moving forward as usual.

Below [Ubisoft] included upcoming updates alongside the release windows [they’re] aiming for where [Ubisoft] can include them.


Bug Fixing – TU 2.0.5

[Ubisoft] next update, TU 2.0.5, is currently in the works. This TU will be focused on bug fixing to help improve the player experience.

[Ubisoft] know that the recurring DMR exploit has had a significant impact on our PvP and Raid players. [Ubisoft] are working on a fix to address the current reproduction steps of the exploit for 2.0.5, while continuing [their] efforts to find a solution that will resolve the problem permanently.

Expected Release: June, 2020


Ghost Experience 2.0 – State of Feedback

After the release of the Ghost Experience, [Ubisoft] put out a call for feedback. [Ubisoft] wanted to thank you all for taking the time to contribute your thoughts and feedback – it is a truly invaluable resource for us.

[Ubisoft] are still synthesizing the feedback with [their] developers to better understand if and how [Ubisoft] can incorporate the requests. Given the amount of feedback, it’s a lot to go through!

[Ubisoft] appreciate your patience as [Ubisoft] continue to scope what the next iteration of Ghost Experience will look like.


Upcoming New Content

[Ubisoft] next round of upcoming new content is actively being worked on by [Ubisoft] production team (alongside Episode 3 and the next class). [Ubisoft will] have more information to share closer to the release date. Stay tuned!

  • AI Teammates
    Expected Release: Summer, 2020

  • Live Event 2
    Expected Release: Summer, 2020