Find/Start Predator




**NOTE** AS OF DEC 14th 2020, Predator has been REMOVED from the game!  Due to the license expiring.   If you completed the mission already, you will keep the rewards.    Link to the info:

Before the Predator was REMOVED DEC 14 2020, to find “The Jungle Moved“, the Predator crossover themed mission, put the cursor (mouse or right thumbstick) over any location in Caimanes province.    Caimanes is found on the far right side of the map, basically at the center.    From there, in the red circle in the image below, left of “Missions” will be an icon for the button for your platform to press so the Missions selection menu comes up.


Select “The Jungle Moved” at the top of the Mission selection menu, and at the bottom right corner, click/press the button that the icon displays for your platform to “Select” for your first time completing it,  “Restart” to replay it.


Mission gets assigned and shows you where in Caimanes province where the first step of the Predator mission will be.   From there, the clues will lead you along to where you need to be.


And that is all to finding and starting/restarting the Predator mission, The Jungle Moved.