Find/Start Watchman       **NOTE** The game requires to be updated for any of the crossovers themed missions to work.  **NOTE** Area must be discovered of the mission.     To find Operation Watchman, the Splinter Cell Sam Fisher crossover themed mission, put the cursor (mouse or right thumbstick)Read More →

How to DISABLE AI Teammates in Ghost Recon Wildlands     Disabling your AI Teammates is a quick simple process. ** Note: Their dialogs will remain.   Step 1: Open up the Pause Menu, select and open ‘Options‘ selection.     Step 2: Select and open ‘Gameplay‘.     StepRead More →

How To Customize AI Teammates in Ghost Recon Wildlands For Ghost Recon Breakpoint click here!       Open up the TacMap and select the ‘Loadout‘ Tab.   Then down to the left press the button for your platform to enter “Edit Appearance“.      **NOTE** You can ONLY customize yourRead More →