Breakpoint Missions


You can play the missions in any order you want as they become available to you.   This is the list in order according to the Objectives Board per “section” (ex. Walker, Terminator, Sam Fisher, etc. when clicked on them).   

Note: Video links, could be regular gameplay or from one of Twigs Dee’s “Series'”. It should state what type of content it is.   What is No HUD?  No HUD (Heads Up Display) is on, no visuals to aid like marking enemies or locations or even ammo count.  What is Shotguns & Pistols?  Twigs only has shotguns and pistols for primary, secondary, and sidearm.  No sniping or picking up a different gun in the field.     Gear from the wheel, anything goes in all of the series!

Episode 1

Operation Greenstone

No Way Out (no HUD gameplay video)

Eagles Down


Auroa Archipelago

Ghosts of the Past

Get the Scoop!

One Man’s Hell

Cover Up (no HUD gameplay video)

For Honor

Song for a Revolution

Don’t Kill the Messenger

Pirate Radio

Icarus Blues

Written on Stone (Indiana Jones Easter Egg video)

A Sane New World


Horn of Plenty (Shotgun & Pistol Series gameplay video)

Natural Medicine

Twisted Nerves

Keep It on Ice

Bring Your Own

A New Perspective (no HUD gameplay video)

Gone Fishing

Eco-Warrior (how to unbug mission)

Mind Over Matter

Home Invasion


Treasure Island (regular gameplay video here)

Death on Prime Time

Weapons of Revenge

A Soul in Rest

Bad Harvest (video here)

The Meeting

The Siren’s Call (no HUD gameplay video)

Critical Mass



Jace Skell

Back to the Basics (no HUD video here video)

Skell on the Move (no HUD video here video)

The Enemy of my Enemy (no HUD video here video)



Maurice Fox

Friendly Fire


Paula Madera

An Ingenuous Genius (Shotguns & Pistol Series gameplay video)

Without a Trace (Shotguns & Pistol Series gameplay video)

Coldish Heart (Shotguns & Pistol Series gameplay video)

Innocent Slaughter (Shotguns & Pistol Series gameplay video)

One Last Thing (Shotguns & Pistol Series gameplay video)


Carl Chisum

Under Herzog’s Control (Shotguns & Pistol Series gameplay video)

A Man of Confidence (no HUD gameplay video)

Mountain Siege (no HUD gameplay video)

A Great Escape (no HUD gameplay video)

Show Me the Way (no HUD gameplay video)


Christina Cromwell

Retaliatory Measures (no HUD Series gameplay video)

Blake’s Law (no HUD Series gameplay video)

Power Failure (no HUD Series gameplay video)

Guardian Angel (no HUD Series gameplay video)

An Eye for an A.I. (no HUD Series gameplay video) 


LTC. Cole D. Walker

Checkmate (Regular gameplay video)

Into the Wolf’s Den 

Brother vs Brother (Regular gameplay video part 1) (Regular gameplay video part 2)



Hear No Evil (Regular gameplay video)



See No Evil (No HUD Series gameplay video)



Speak No Evil (Regular gameplay video)


Ayana Puri

Point of No Return 


Trey Stone

?  No Missions released at the time of the posts the last update.


Peter Miles

?  No Missions released at the time of the posts the last update.


Ilsa Herzog

?  No Missions released at the time of the posts the last update.


Ian Blake

?  No Missions released at the time of the posts the last update.





Operation Checkmate

Missing in Action (Regular gameplay video)


Sam Fisher

One Mind Army (Regular gameplay video)


The Strategist

Two Birds One Stone (Regular gameplay video)


Stephanie Burgess

Legal Move (Regular gameplay video)


Karel Sekulic

Lone Wolf (Regular gameplay video)


General Paxton

Enemy Within (Regular gameplay video)


Willem Van Dyke

Spirit of the Hive (Shotguns & Pistol Series gameplay video)


Hollie Mackenzie

Black Sheep (Shotguns & Pistol Series gameplay video)


Victor Coste

?  No Missions released at the time of the posts the last update.



?  No Missions released at the time of the posts the last update.






Hazardous Material (Regular gameplay video)



Blood of the Father (Regular gameplay video)



Information Warfare (Regular gameplay video)



Fireworks (Regular gameplay video)



Snow Trail (Regular gameplay video)



Wall Run (Regular gameplay video)



Under the Mask (Regular gameplay video)



How to Catch a Mastermind (Regular gameplay video)



In Deep Waters (Regular gameplay video)



Stone Cold (No HUD Series gameplay video)




Resistance! (Event Missions)

Hearts and Soils

Traffic Control

Silent Recovery

A Safer Place

Brain Drain (video here)

License Expired

Hit The Road

Friends in Need (video here)


Join the Resistance

**Complete all missions to unlock the Strike Designator.


Terminator (Event Missions)

A Storm is Coming (Regular gameplay video)

Clear Sky (Regular gameplay video)


Mads Schulz

Chapter 1

Break The Rules

Staying Safe

Chapter 2

Proof of Life

Chapter 3

A Deadly Trap

Chapter 4

Science Without Conscience

Chapter 5

Patient Zero

Chapter 6

Redeeming Remedy



Hauruhi Ito

Chapter 1

The Gun Runner

A Long Road to Victory

Chapter 2

Cross The Line

Chapter 3


Chapter 4

Rallying Cry

Chapter 5

Hostile Takeover

Chapter 6

Loss of Innocence



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