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October 7, 2019 All day
00:00 Solo Challenge #1: In Monte Puncu, find an APC and use it to destroy 7 Santa Blanca vehicles in a row without dying.
05:15 Solo Challenge #2: In Extreme difficulty and without being visually detected, deploy to Barvechos Bravo then complete the mission 'Nidia's Cash '.
08:10 Solo Challenge #3: In Extreme difficulty, without being visually detected and using only explosives, deploy to Mojocoyo Alpha then complete the mission 'The Main Stash '.
15:04 Task Force Challenge: Simultaneously destroy all of the submarines from the Caimanes mission 'Submarine Fleet 1 ', 'Submarine Fleet 2 ' and 'Submarine Fleet 3 '. A few seconds margin may be tolerated.