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October 4, 2023 All day
Ghost Recon Wildlands
Address: Virtual Bolivia
Click on the words "Week 1 Day 3" to open the window for the video & more!
00:00 Solo Challenge #1: In Media Luna, without dying, instigate a level 4 alert level then shoot down Unidad response helicopters while the alert is active. (3 helicopters)
05:37 Solo Challenge #2: In Extreme difficulty and without dying, deploy to Villa Verde Bravo then complete the mission 'Laboratory 1' and 'Laboratory 2 '.
07:39 Solo Challenge #3: In Extreme difficulty, without being visually detected and using only CQC, deploy to Espiritu Santo Alpha then complete the mission 'La Santera '.
12:04 Task Force Challenge: In Caimanes, use helicopter weapons to destroy Unidad helicopters. (5 times)